It's been quite a while since I last wrote shit on my blog. I usually write on my old laptop, which I rarely use due to the keyboard having some keys missing and the laptop lags occasionally.

Small talk aside, have you ever went on a spring cleaning, whether it's your room or even your desktop, the places where personal stuffs; stuffs that of a huge endearment that you kept secret from others? Though I don't have my own room, but I do keep memorable stuff like photos and text messages on my laptop/phone. Although photos and text messages are simple things, but they are very very thoughtful things. Things which once mattered at a certain point of our life. Things that hold sentimental value. Timeless.

We all had this particular moment where we're sorting stuffs in our room and we accidentally stumble upon something that is missing and had the intention of finding it; but was never to be found until we actually starts to sort out the mess in our room. The moment when we found that particular stuff, old memories start to flood our thoughts, enclosing the spaces in our head. Some would reminisce, some would shrug off those unnecessary thoughts by putting those stuffs away, but the case has always been the former; reminiscing.

In my case, as I was spring cleaning my laptop (deleting unnecessary files and freeing up the hard-disk space), I stumbled upon stuffs/photos/text messages/instant messages of the past, with whom I used to hold dearly. Time has passed, both of us had parted ways, both party had moved on and there's quite a relative peace between us after the breakup phase. Although we have never met in real life, but there was something between us. Maybe fate had hindered us from meeting each other, maybe fate had some other plans for us. God knows it better than me. Not blaming it on anyone though.

But, one thing that made me smiled like a silly chap is that the old version of me is laughable and the way I react in relationships and over committing are just plain silly. As I walked the memory lane, I had this brief reflection session, on the choices I've made, on the path that I tread, on the moments that she and I once mutually share; all that I could say that the past has made me wiser and more mature. I am glad on where I stand right now. Life is more than just relationships. You could spend more time doing stuffs that you love, going to concerts with your friend, finding new places to eat, travel the world, getting good grades and good jobs. The list goes on. As we're aging older, we need to move forward, acquiring the much needed wisdom to live in this harsh world.

That's all from me. Till the next post.

                                                                                                                                   - I

November 13, 2013

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