We sail,
into the uncharted waters;
to the rough seas.

We fought against each other often,
Torrents and storms are common
in our voyage.

With you,
I always enjoyed the calm before the storm,
the moment when we're all okay
before things gone mayday.

What are we again?
To be anchoring such pain,
to shoulder unnecessary blames,
Remind me,
What are we again?

Though you're the apple to my eye,
I never say that I won't make you cry.
Though I'm your favorite,
You never say that you won't make things elaborate.

March 30, 2014 Leave a comment



Your words,
Like a spectral dagger
penetrates my soul,
inside and out.
But you vanished,
What the hell are all this about?

My dear,
Your absence desolates me the most,
Your rare presence kept me engrossed.

It was a let down
when you said
that we can't be more than just friends.
Shattered, crushed and dispersed
my hope was.

Your metaphysical form
lingers on my mind
ruthlessly haunts me at night time.

When I'm wide awake
I try my best,
to suppress,
and to shrug you off
from reality.

March 29, 2014 Leave a comment

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