"I hate him.
I don't wanna be like him.
He's a cunt.
He's a fucking asshole."

said, by a boy who was enraged.
fury engulfed him,
he clenched his fist as tightly as he could,
If he was given a chance to punch that guy,
He would punch him with all his might.

You're allowed to hate someone.
But there's this a certain degree of hate,
where it is dangerous and could prove to be backfiring.
It's the "turning point."
This is the point,
where you hate a person with such intensity,
that one day you'll become more or less like him.

Hatred is permitted.
Hate smartly.
Hate with the appropriate intensity.
Because one day, there's a chance that you might be the very person whom you've been hating all this while.


May 17, 2013

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