He always thought of her. His other half, a component so vital that she had fulfilled his soul, his heart and his mind. If she was a house of love, she would be his honored guest.

He, from afar, always wanted her.
She, from afar, always wanted him.

They, loved each other as much as the sun loves the moon. They chased one another. They are lovers through the ages, they are two sworn lovers. As if they were made for one another.

He misses her, like the sun misses the moon. 
He closed his eyes, a dark void soon ensued.
He recalled the melody of her voice, 
her cheerful laugh,
her lovely giggles,
all her little gestures that made his day.
Just a brief thought of her cured his void, though it was momentarily.

But for him, he wanted her forever.
Sometimes, he feel helpless,
because he fell down so deep,
into the dark pit of her heart.


April 22, 2013

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