At certain points in our life, our own friends will shift their allegiance to other people whom benefits them even more than we do; or their ways of thinking are not in accordance to yours anymore; or you simply might have screwed up.

Never worry too much when you've make enemies in your life. By having an enemy at your heels, it will always keeps you sharp, alert and focused.

It's normal to have enemy(s). Well, you can be the nicest person in the world, but you still could make enemies. It is just inevitable and cannot be avoided. Some people just see you as their competitor, they might see you as someone who rubs their way etc. You don't wanna be that jerk who flames around and use profanities to make enemies, just DON'T.

You would want enemies to come naturally, you would want them to become your enemies due to your ability, the quality of your work at workplace. People just can get jealous of you. Disagreement occurs. The battle of ego commences. This is normal.

Enemies. Just consider them as fuels to push you forward, to the top.

March 24, 2013

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