"Belief, is a beautiful armor. But makes for the heaviest sword."

Belief, sometimes vaguely associated with hope. I believe. I hope. Though the spelling is different, there are some minor relation between the two. The word "belief" can be derived into it's verb form, which is "believe". It is a much stronger and affirmative word that somehow portrays your confidence level and optimism, compared to the word "hope".

For instance, you got stuck in a difficult situation. The odds are totally against you and you have done all your best and you just leave your fate in the hands of God, afterwards.

Would you say " I believe that everything is going to be better" OR would you say "I hope that everything is going to be better"? Although the meaning of these two statements are nearly similar in the context of optimism, but I firmly believe that the first statement are more prominent and outshone the second statement in it's level of optimism. And look, I just used the word "I firmly believe".

The same goes to when you're in a relationship, let it be a romantic relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend or a non-romantic relationship within an organization with your peers and co-workers; where the value of "belief" can bring so much difference whenever there is a conflict or a troubling issue.

But to "believe" in something, requires a strong and brave heart. Sometimes it can require a lot more than a mere heavily fortified heart. It could make for the heaviest sword, as I've mentioned earlier in my writing.

If you truly believe that there's is a bright side in every conflict that have been introduced upon you, then you're truly a mature, strong, optimistic and an emotionally powerful person.

December 15, 2012

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