Vomiting the Truth

Friday. After working hard the whole week, day and night to complete my Islamic Studies book review report which hold 10 percent marks for the coursework; insomnia started to inflict me and that's why I wrote this post at such a late hour.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief after submitting the book review report to my lecturer and it's been quite a while since I felt so accomplished before. I went back to my room, packed the necessary stuffs and went straight to my home.

Upon arriving home, the neighborhood was tranquil as it should be and this had somehow carved a smile on my pimply face. I certainly need some time away from all source of stress and home is the perfect shelter for me. I miss the comfort of home. Mom and dad wasn't around, and I've been keeping a terrible truth from them for quite a long time. When I'm keeping secrets like this, especially from my parents, I feel like my body is being infested with hazardous parasites that are chewing away my inner organs and my true self as the clock ticks.

The hour of reckoning approaches.

"What is your result Iman? I thought you already paid your samans in UTP?!"

"I can show you my result, but don't be mad to me."

My dad at that time was busy tinkering with his newly bought phone and this somewhat had deviated his attention towards our conversation. I totally owe a bro fist to that newly bought phone for distracting my dad.

So, I've spilled out the truth, every word was spoken eloquently and fluently, every defensive reason that I gave was plausible and I surprisingly managed to maintain my composure. Words gushed out intellectually from a mesmerizing rhetorical fountain, thus I've avoided a free counselling session from my mom and dad. I expected them to be disappointed of me due to the horrible result that I got from the previous semester. When I had a first look on the result slip, I had a feeling that I might be cast out from home if I told them the truth.

Things had certainly changed as we grow older. They used to get mad at me even when I got a B for my Mathematics and yet even worse when I've failed for my Additional Mathematics when I was in Form 4. Things seem to move in reverse now, and by reverse, I mean it in a good positive way. My mom advice me to study harder and try not to waste her money as she's the one who's paying my university fees.

After vomiting out the truth, I feel carefree, and those parasites that made a hive inside of me are now set ablaze by imaginary flamethrowers. At last, I can lay those uneasy feelings at rest.

October 14, 2012

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