Edge of Failure

The night was cold, the air cooler sprayed jets of frigid ionized wind towards me, body temperature is warm and my composure fluctuates as I'm waiting for midnight. My eyes stared blindly on the laptop's screen, and focusing on the digital clock. It's 11.30 pm. The "hour" is approaching.

Hands are shaking. Adrenaline are surging blindingly fast through my veins. My spine are chilled, chilled to that of arctic weather. I could barely feel my soul lingering through my physical body. My mind was wandering, hoping to escape from the terrible truth that I'm about to face but the effort turned out to be futile. The harder I tried to escape, the narrower the passages of escape are.

I'm in such a difficult situation, entrapped between what my parents had expected of me and my fantasy of making them proud of me.

It's 12.20 am already. I open up my personal student portal on the net, after keying in the username and password, the page navigated me to the home page. Without any further ado, I've rushed my palm to the mouse, hastily clicked the "Exam Result Slip" link. I closed my eyes, although not a devout or a pious follower of my religion, I silently pray for the best to God almighty. At this point, Pasrah and Redha was all that I could do.

My result is there, gruesome and a horrible sight to behold. And after taking some brief glance on it, the feeling that I get, was like being pushed off a cliff.

October 01, 2012

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