Wednesday. Had only a mere one hour of sleep, my brain cells were never this fatigued before. Being in the undergraduate studies had siphoned the most out of me. If only I had prepared earlier, I wouldn't be in this pathetic state. Despite all the horrors that Ordinary Differential Equation (abbreviated as ODE, an advanced form of additional mathematics/calculus) have inflicted upon me, I gotta focus on the remaining papers in order to minimize the casualty I've inflicted upon myself.

At 11.30am sharp, I left the exam hall . The final paper was Statics n Dynamics. Kinda another subtopic of Physics which dwells even deeper into the mechanical parts of a particular system. Well ya know engineering stuffs. Minutes later, I went to my room and wasn't that eager to get back home yet. So I played a couple of Dota match. Lifeless freak.

And after the final exam, my appearance would, 100% deteriorate. Now I look like an uncivilized caveman.

And yes I am rewarded with a week and a half of holiday. So goodbye UTP. You will not be missed. And I'd like to take this opportunity to exile myself from the outside world. Because I'm such a creep and a weirdo.

September 05, 2012

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