Room for Squares

It's already the 4th of Syawal. I'm just a week away from my final exams and as a reward of finishing my first semester of my first year undergraduate studies, I'm rewarded with a bounty of a week and a half of holiday. Better than nothing though.

But this year Raya wasn't that merry. The usual fun, happy and euphoric aura that oozed on the first day of Raya had certainly lost its touch this year. Not all cousins and family gathered together this year compared to the previous years. And this year Raya summed up to the word of "mediocre". Nothing fancy.

 Last Friday I've just bought myself a book to read at MPH. It's been a long time since I last read a decent novel or a story book. As I browse through numerous shelves, one book had captured my interest. The color of the book's color was lime green, and there was two guy and a girl on the cover. It featured Logan Lerman, Emma Watson and a guy which I don't know what his name was. Emma Watson is resting her head on Logan Lerman's shoulder, which is kinda cute. They're both cute. The title of the book is quite captivating in it's own way - The Perks Of Being A Wallflower. So far I've finished reading part 1 of the book. The main character of the book, Charlie, is very shy and he isn't well known in his school. I'm imagining Logan Lerman of being a very shy guy. Later on he met Sam and Patrick who became his best friends as the story goes on. The character of Sam was portrayed by Emma Watson by the way. Yeah, I've just read only a small portion of the book so I couldn't elaborate much on the plot. 

Anyway, "The Perks of Being A Wallflower" is scheduled to premier at world cinema on 21st September. I can't wait to finish this book while I'm spending the remnants of my Raya holiday and I'm also keen to watch this movie. With or without any companion. As long I got the chance to watch this peachy movie, I'm alright with it. 

How I miss the days where I would actually have the time to lie down on my bed or a couch and just spend the whole day reading a decent book. My oh my. Totally wondrous. 

August 22, 2012

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