I wish life could be easier, meeting someone that are really into you. Someone that can make your all sacrifice and devotion a lot more worthwhile. Someone that will be your guardian angel, one that would be your loyal companion through thick and thin. Because that's what relationship is all about, you stick with someone through thick and thin. I've saw others already who had accomplished this..my friends, my colleagues, my peers and I couldn't be anymore happier for them. Some of those couples are so sweet, and the word "forever" are written all over them. Though sometimes, there's a little part of me that can be slightly envious of them but never to the extent of being jealous of them.

Mine? It's like an unfinished canvas. It is far from completion, there's only a portion of it being smeared by ever changing colors but I hope that mine will end up as a picturesque, mind-blowing masterpiece, painted by God's destiny Himself.

A portrait of me and "the one".

August 25, 2012

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