Episode 1 : To Fight A Losing Battle

Tuesday morning. 2.11am as I write this. The atmosphere was pleasant, jets of cool air are sprayed from my air cooler, very much a cuddling weather. Anyway, I'm done with my revision on Ordinary Differential Equation, although I'm very much baffled by all those confusing working steps. I had only a little grasp of what I've just studied. And this Wednesday I got a test on Statics & Dynamics . Hell, shit just got real.

I know that whenever a test is coming up, especially its a test on subjects that I have problems with, I know that I'm going to fight a battle I know I cannot win.

I know I have to at least secure a 3.0 CGPA for my whole undergraduate studies albeit being an engineer isn't really my ambition plus I wouldn't even consider to have a job in the engineering field. I have already set my sight on the world of trading, an entrepreneurial world where I create jobs for people. Where I can create opportunities for needy people out there. I want to help. My business/entrepreneur dream is a lot more than just money. Frankly speaking, inventing a job is way better than finding a job.

Anyway, I would rather fought valiantly and die a noble death instead of rushing myself to the battlefield without any kind of arsenal.  Fight to the last breath.

To the battlefield, we march.

July 17, 2012

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