The Three Day Skirmish

"You've passed your foundation studies. Congratulations lucky ass." A faint whisper from my heart that could be clearly heard in my ears. I couldn't be anymore grateful that I survived this hellish stage without any solid preparations, with only sheer luck and blessings from the high heavens. Alhamdullilah.


3 weeks before that ..

1st day of the Skirmish (Calculus) :

Marching through the glassy gates of the not-so-majestic Chancellor Hall, the temperature were frigid plus the tension was running high among my brethren. I could see everyone was busy flicking through the pages of the lecture notes although its already a futile effort at this stage. 

The hour has come, everyone sat their arses on their respective seats. As I'm having a seat, the only thing that ran through my mind is I gotta pass this, no matter the circumstances. The question papers were passed to the candidates, some closed their eyes, praying to their respective gods or deities hoping for some miracle as this subject is a no joke. There's only a little margin for error. 

So as I flicked through the pages of the question paper, my face could only carved a cocky smirk. 

2nd day of the Skirmish (Chemistry) :

The first day of skirmish was a major success. My confidence grow stronger. I've pulled a bold one night stand studying this a-pain-in-the-ass subject -> Chemistry. Only managed to get a bare one hour of sleep, I'm not even sure if I even slept during that short period of time. So I rode to Chancellor Hall as fast as I could as time is ticking away before the exam starts. Today, the Chancellor Hall appeared gloomy, dark and evil auras emanate perpetually throughout the complex. My appearance was all sloppy and totally rubbish. Scumbag Chemistry.

And again, the question papers were passed, and I know that this is just the beginning of a crucifying and the toughest 3 hours of my life. I've prepared the "sucker punch" aka "toyol" in case that I forgot the formulas and stuffs. Victory loves preparation they said. 

I've even resorted to the big guns, whom was my own Chemistry lecturer. She provided me with some last minute reinforcement to bolster my calculations and working process.  I could only hoped she's not trolling with me. 

Alas, this day turned up to be very unpleasant to me. God is my only savior now. The imaginary wounds were severe to me, I've retreated to my beloved fortress back in Ipoh, just to bend all the imaginary wounds and hoping to lighten those heavy burden and stress I've put on myself. 

Last Day of the 3 Day Skirmish (Physics) :

The last day. Mixed concoctions of euphoria and anxiety runs wildly through my veins as this is the last day of the final exam. At 1.30 pm, I started my car engine, 3 minutes for it to warm up, 5 minutes for those scorching heat to escape from my antique car, about 3 more minutes to double check all my "tools of war" before marching to the "fields of war".  So with some of those precious minutes gone, I've paced through the traffics and speed through the roadway as if there's no tomorrow. 

Roughly 35 minutes later, I've arrived at the Main Hall. Couldn't spot anyone at the entrance though, they must have started the exam already. I took up the gauntlet, ready to face the last horror of my foundation studies. The last of the last. The end of the end. The "Z" of the 26 English alphabets. 

As I lay my hands on the cheap door knob, I could feel the freezing and the dreadful aura bursting rigorously on the other side of the door. With God's blessing to me I mustered all my remaining courage and valor to face the final paper. And as usual, I always forgot the formulas. Damn it, the formulas were too many to be remembered, not to mention that every chapter had like 4-5 formulas of its own. 

The clock ticks. Time passes. Nervous glances were exchanged between students during the exam. Some tried to opt to cheating during the test. Some fought valiantly, particularly those nerds. 

The final hour approaches, the time is up. I gave it all I could. And now its the fuck-this-shit o'clock. Come freedom, come. Although it is temporal and will last only for a week, come cherish the short golden moment of a one week semester break. I repeat, 4 months of fucking tiring semester; and I was rewarded only with a short ONE WEEK holiday. UTP's never have been this good. 

And so I exited the battlefield, home was the only thing on my mind at that time. I hastily packed my stuffs and went back home as fast as I could. No point looking back at all the carnage and destruction that I've caused. This is the point of no return, a point where looking forward is the only option. 


Etiquette of the story : Regret nothing. 

June 14, 2012

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