I Forgot

A random scenario/situation :

*phone rang randomly*

On the phone's LED screen displayed a name, a name whenever it appears on your mobile phone , it'll make  your heart skips a beat. Sometimes your heart skipped infinitely when it appears out of the blue.

*Le boyfriend picks up phone*

"Well hello there my dear! I'm glad that you called me even though I'm busy with errands."

"*giggles* I'm fine baby, just wanna give you some random call, checking you out. How's your day?"

"My day was good. Beyond good. Beyond any words that I could describe because my other half just called me unexpectedly. That was very sweet of you!"

And on my part, hearing your voice are the remedy of me missing you. Okay darl continue with your work then. Love you, bye!"

And both party carved a smile on their face after they hung up. Both continued their daily routine as usual, but this time with some unfathomable sense of euphoria flowing inside them.

The power of unexpected calls from someone that you love. Although the call is short lived, although it is just a 5 minutes random call from your beloved, it made a large impact on your lover's day.

And I truly had forgotten the privilege of being in the position of being missed by someone that I miss. I've totally forgot.

June 29, 2012

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