A Rush Of Proton

11 PM. All the tests are done. All 3 of them, sometimes I call them the three "Prime Evil", nicknamed after a title which consist of three demon lords in Diablo's game series. Body feeling worn out, lacking sleep for so many days, a physical and mental state which I didn't enjoyed much.

Went back to my room as a proud warrior, as if I had single-handedly slain the entire Persian army in the Battle Of Thermopylae, which was brought into fame and into life via one spectacular movie, 300. But in reality there's much to be learned, there's much to be improved and there's always something missing. A void of weakness that you must fill up. Oh lord its hard to be a human living in a tainted society where "perfect" is the highest ladder a person could climb. If you're aren't perfect, they judge. They whisper bad things about you and  gossip circulates .

                                                                     16 hours earlier

8 AM :

*phone rings, a song by the XX played*

I surged myself forward to the dining table, the last place I remember where I put my phone before I went to sleep.
"Uh yes *cough* yes hello?" Adjusting my husky, high as shit voice, with eyes still finding its way to spread. "Hey bro, pickup me up at the train station at 12 o'clock okay? Looks like there's no ticket to Batu Gajah this early. I'll depart at 10 instead."

"Oh yes sure bro. Later I'll pick you up. Okay goodbye." Hung up the phone a few moments after that. Letting my brain to synchronize with yesterday's memories, loading all the necessary data .


I could see that my Physics notes and past semester's papers scattered all around the table and my ASUS laptop still on, oh my I must've been very tired last night, I mumbled to myself. Went to sleep early, hoping that I would woke up as early as the crack of dawn, but it was futile nevertheless. The test was to be held at 5pm today, that would leave me with quite some breathing space and I thought that it would be okay if I go back home and nestle myself on my unrivalled comfy bed.

I've to admit that I was quite cocky at this stage, my scumbag brain somehow said to my inner self that I can ace this test without even studying, with an evil grin.

12 PM  

I was on rush hour mode, absorbing as much as notes and formulas that my average brain could decipher at such a fast rate and like 30 minutes later I quickly pack my things and go straight to Batu Gajah KTM Station to pick up my friend there. Driving a 1990's Proton Saga on 120km/h - 130km/h was a challenging task, just imagine that when you're driving that fast with an old car, the steering was shaking and the sound emitted from this old guy's engine can be scary.  About 15 minutes later, I arrived at the station, and as my friend, whom is also my roomate, told me his first hand experience of attending the epic Arch Enemy gig. I could see the aura, that excitement radiating from him. The adrenaline still running wild in his veins he said. And I wish I could go to a concert or a gig of my favorite band someday.


Main Hall. Everyone flocked to this place, where tests, final exams and even quizzes alike took place on this mediocre venue. Yeah, it was Physics test. Some resorted to trust their abilities to answer this test honestly. Some just wore this poker face through out the test. I don't know what is wrong with these people though. And then there were us. Those awesome us. Us, yes we did studied. But its just that the brain can be very scumbag and a mother of trolling. Entah tiba tiba je boleh lupa formula. We chose to help each other. Play as a team.

"Hey what's the formula for number one?!"
"Wehh nombor 4 macam mana nak buat?!"

Who cares anyway. Its still okay if we cheat during exam, as long as you don't cheat when you're in a relationship, that's fine enough.

At the end of the day, although I resorted into some dirty tactics during my test, it could mean my survival for this course. Walk in my shoe and you'll know how big is the responsibility and the amount of expectation that you had to live up with.

April 25, 2012

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