2nd day of my study leave. Currently away from all my academic affairs for some days. Away from UTP. Away from the sluggish life in Ipoh. Helping my parents. Resetting all knowledge of Physics and Chemistry to below average while putting Calculus on medium alert.

I lay on my bed due to the awful fatigue and exhaustion, my mind was getting ready to be active in its imaginary mode.

How I wish I could get a ticket for two, get on that big jet plane, and fly around the world with you. Escape to somewhere only we know. To a place where the sea waves are as bright as Obi Wan Kenobi's blue lightsaber; on the shores of Maldives. Eating croissants on the streets of Paris. Watch football games in one of the best football stadiums that England could offer, you choose the venue. Watching the amazing city view of New York City on the Empire State Building, perched high up above all other buildings. Only with you.

Alas, unfortunately, truthfully all of these are only imaginary for the time being.

April 17, 2012

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