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Average. She's just a average teenage girl, struggling with all the hardships of life and tired of being in the lower society class. Tilting her heads high, looking at the girls and boys that lie up ahead of her. Keeping asking herself why the hell that she couldn't afford to get all those attentions and fame those hipsters have. She's been climbing the society stairs and aiming to be at the top and stay at top. Little did she knew that fame and attention have its price and its up to you whether you could afford it or not.

She always question herself :
"Aku nak jadi famous macam diorang. Aku nak orang bagi attention kat aku. Rupa aku boleh tahan, tapi kenapa girls lain yang dapat all those attention? Why not me? Why is it they have all the praises from boys but I've been friendzoned by all the guys all this while? I've been trying hard to get noticed, but is it hard enough??"

All average girls suffered from this. Even some pretty girls felt this . They are born with a sort of "natural women insecurity" and all they need is a boy, nahh not a boy, a man to tell him that she is beautiful. 

Girls want these : Affection, Trust, Loyalty, Protection, Commitment, Sincerity and the list goes on infinitely. 

Even with all those, shit happens. Unwanted, unprecedented things happens. And all those happens for a reason. For whatever the reason was, there's truly some wisdom behind it. Remember that, beneath every mistake lies a gem of wisdom that are useful if you're willing enough to take responsibility for your mistake instead of blaming others.

And I think many girls also suffered with major social casualty too. 

February 02, 2012

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