Those Days

Roti Nan tandoori . A glass of plain water. Had that for dinner tonight. Even after having that scrumptious meal, I'm still pretty much hungry. Ya know, its quite hard for me to fully satiate my hunger . So much for my ambitious hopes of slimming down.

As I strolling my way from V3 cafe to V2 cafe with my friends, we had this a little chat about ya know, update on crushes. Their progress on their respective crushes. Mine? I rather keep that to myself as one little dirty secret  that only known to a few. Pacing through the V2C block, I stopped by at V2 cafe, one of the hotspots and center of attention here in UTP due to fresh junior girls that live there. Crowded, some are studying. Well, on my early days as a foundation student, I never had been that hardworking though. Junior junior semua semangat gila babihh.

Bullshits about real life aside, at night like this, away from my laptop ofcourse, I always ponder and reminiscing those days. Those days where you have a partner, a person that are there for you. Just for you.
I'm not talking that I'm missing my ex girlfriend here though, cause that would be such a HUGE bloody joke.

Dear readers, especially those who are single out there,
Don't you feel me? Sometimes when you said that "I'm okay of living my life without having a girlfriend/boyfriend" to your friends, but then the deepest reach of your heart tells you that you're not being sincere to yourself?

So here's the best part, 

I bet everyone who have been in relationship before but now are now single somehow miss those days where there are someone who would text you out of the blue, someone who would give you sweet good morning or cheesy good night texts, someone who would ignore your flaws and accept you as a whole? Don't you miss those days? Your heart tells you "I do." but your brain are a bit hesitant to tell you that you're ACTUALLY missing those colorful days. So as the saying goes, sometimes you do have to follow your heart. Cause that's where all those feelings are.

Since the aftermath of being single, I've raised my ass from my shameful defeat, stood up and took up the gauntlet, tried to rebuild those once strong, sturdy walls around my heart and erected layers of massive gates, ready to be unlocked by a girl who have the right key and the right worth to really have a place inside my heart. A girl worthy enough that would set my heart to fire and light up all those unspoken passion.

By the way, if you want to know whether you really have a deep crush on someone,

1. Your heart doesn't only skipped a beat when you saw him/her approaching near you, but your heart skipped infinite beats, your heart beats like an outrageous dubstep in a bloody nightclub DJ-ed by Skrillex.

2. You blush when you see her. Your face are all red when you see her/him.

3. For guys, if you really like her, try to man up and start making your moves. Follow the flow and stay as awesome as possible.

Well ladies and gentleman, you deserve to be happier. So why not relive THOSE DAYS with someone new? Or someone that truly worth your time? Go for it. You only live once. So just for this once, live your life to the fullest.

Once slept with the hopes of waking up to glorious mornings, but now there's just endless night.

February 21, 2012

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