Moving On

Its just a matter of timing. Sometimes we're just too late to realize that we have to move on. We humans change FOR the future, not FOR our past . But I have to admit that some of us changed BECAUSE of our past that thought us on how to be wiser and be more mature in the future. So I always treat my past as a mistake. A mistake that act as a driving force for me to become better as time passes.

Some people weeps terribly after breaking up with their boyfriend or girlfriend. Ada yang sampai menunggu2 ex diorang balik ke pangkuan diorang dengan harapan yang melangit padahal dah takde harapan dah. Ex bf/gf diorg tu pun dah lari ke pangkuan orang lain. In my opinion, this kind of action are very pointless, worthless and ultimately stupid. Why waste your time on someone that obviously didn't even give a shit about you? Life is short, so stop wasting your time hoping for the impossible, for god's sake.

Moving On . 8 letters, 2 words, 1 sentence . Hardest thing to do for most of people nowadays who've been through a breakup process. It takes an awful lot of time and perseverance to do so. You've gotta let go that attached chains that you've been hold onto. Let go of him or her and focus on your future. Jangan disebabkan seorang douchebag or seorang bitch, tak pasal2 masa depan kau tergugat. C'mon, hidup bukan pasal relationship je, banyak lagi benda yang kau perlu experience kat dunia ni. That's why some people prefer to stay single . Bukan sebab relationship ni complicated, tapi sebab orang tu sendiri yang banyak sangat songeh  dan perangai orang tu sendiri yang membuatkan relationship tu complicated. Ada yang emo sangat. Ada yang kuat sangat merajuk. Ada yang cepat sangat salah sangka. Ada yang cemburu buta. Ada yang gedik sangat. Macam macam.

Let's not deviate further away from our topic, to move on, just stop contacting with your ex. Throw away all the things that made you reminded of him/her. If you're angry about your breakup, feed your rage into video games or sports. Channel your anger into physical sports like boxing . It would be fucking nice to punch the hell out of that punching bags. Otherwise, find someone new. Find someone that are better looking than your ex. Someone who are more outgoing than your ex. Someone who are more romantic and loyal compared to your previous ex bf/gf. Someone who could spend time and do awesome stuffs with you compared to your boring ex bf/gf.

Oh well, moving on hasn't been that easy for me. All those inner scars took alot of time to recover. And I managed to recover thanks to my new awesome life in university with a new circle of friends and hotties on my campus that I've treated as crushes/flings to erase my memory with my ex girlfriend. Some might say its quite cold hearted, but trust me, sometimes its good to be cold. But that's just me. To further move on, I've decided not to contact my ex at all, not even to have the slightest intention of being friends with her.

We started out as strangers. And we shall end it as strangers too.

January 19, 2012

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