- adjective (usually prenominal) 
  "existing alone, solitary. Could also bring the meaning of being different from other things or people; Unique or Individual . Lacking a partner"

Some people always asked, why are you staying single for so long? And some people even had said things like :  "Why don't you find yourself a partner? Man you're so forever alone. You're so lame, you don't even have a boyfriend/girlfriend. Look I have a lover, be jelly."

      In my point of view, being single is awesome. You would never have to bind yourself to the chains of commitment from an unsure relationship. Preferably teenage love. Teenage love are puppy love, one which are fill with utter uncertainty. Yeah, maybe you have the guts to say that you're confident enough that your relationship would've endure the test of time. People, its the modern age now. With social networks like Facebook, who knows that your lover might've been cheating on you all this while? Just so you know, most relationships are ruined because of Facebook. Wanna know why? With hundreds and thousands of people in your lover's friend list, there must've been people who easily get jealous with you. Who knows some people might do crazy things like spreading lies and public bashing you or your gf/bf in their Facebook status. The society sure is ugly right?

       Besides that, being single, aside from being awesome, means that you have the mobility to move, feel and live your life to the max. I mean, if you want to involve yourself in relationship, that's okay. I don't have the power to stop you. Go on, but try to make it at least worthwhile. I've been in a relationship once and now I'm single already. Though I had to admit that, sometimes it can be lonely and felt a bit insecure watching those sweet couples doing sweet things together. Now, gone are the days where I had to regularly text her, gone are the days where I had to keep an eye on my social life, all those frivolous matter have long vanish into thin air. Now I'm a free man, no longer bound to the chains of relationship and commitment which limited my mobility as a young man. Happy go lucky now.

     Why are you single, a question some might ask towards people like me. Well frankly, there's an answer for that. To be honest, why some people like me are single because I want to make sure that my relationship are worthwhile. I want to make sure that the other person is decent enough to be my other half. I wish to embark on a long term journey with my future girlfriend, a journey where we could face happiness and sadness together. A relationship where my girlfriend and I could stood by each other, regardless of what the situation we might have been facing. I want to grow old with her, raise kids, and live long enough to watch our grandchildren playing swings at the park. Not growing problems with her, fighting over small matters and ended up having our relationship and my heart being shattered into pieces. No definitely not. I never wished for flings with others. Its just like wasting my precious time with the wrong person. And yeah, there are challenges when you're in relationship, its just that I wanna make sure that the person I'm gonna be with, stood by my side and face challenges together, not with someone who always being selfish and not giving any effort in a relationship.

I guess that's a one hell of a answer from me.

December 17, 2011

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  1. abu zarin says:

    frivolous atterbaik ayat kau.ahaha.

  2. man_2012 says:

    hehe. thanks sbb baca abu :D

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