The Ugly Society

  Recently, I just don't know why but my face was full with acne and pimples. They are all over my face. The forehead, the nose, the cheek area. My confidence level come crashing down like the stock market in Wall Street does.  Its like the worst acne-breakout-of-the-year and its totally annoying. Things like these takes time to heal and now I just want to stay home for the fullest recovery, but I just can't. I tried to sleep early, but fucking insomnia strikes. One pimple goes away, but another fucking pimple reappears. Its like an ongoing battle. A battle of confidence.

Yes, I'm a guy. Guys should be strong. Guys should be tough. Guys should be macho blablabla . Gender aside, its human nature to feel insecure over others. Average people like me, when you saw someone who are good looking or more stylish than you are, jealousy and envy WILL strike you somehow. Don't pretend like you don't give a single damn bout it. Those lucky people who have good looks will be always one step ahead of you. I know it sucks but that's the real truth. Our society is fucked up.

Let me give you an example,

In a scenario which you, as an average looking guy, and you have scars and pimples on your face. You're wore only plain apparel, nothing too fancy. You're hanging around alone in a restaurant or a coffee shop. You hanging around alone for like 4 hours, waiting for some stranger, to unexpectedly greet you or say hi to you. Just to see how many people would even have their sight on you. But then, you hanging around on your own as if you are the Forever Alone guy. Due to immeasurable shame and excessive frustration, you go home. I am pretty sure that you went home sad as fuck right? You've just wasted 4 hours of your life just to test whether your average looks would do any good in attracting some random people to greet you.

Now let's give that scenario some twist. You, as a handsome, gorgeous looking guy, wearing designer apparel with some luxurious accessories. As you walk into the restaurant or coffee shop, i bet many people would be watching your "grand entrance". To spice up the grand entrance, you hand brushed your stylish hair   and pretend to look at your expensive Dolce & Gabbana watch. Woah I just can't imagine the kind of impact your mere entrance have brought to those people around you. Some may have even fell in love with you at the first time they have their sight on you. After that, you sat down, as you are browsing through the menu, then a cute girl approaches you and say hi to you.

Her : " Hello there, I know this may sound weird but can I join you?"
You : "Surely. Come join me . You are more than welcome."

Then the two of you just had the best tea brunch evaaa. How wonderful.
Look at that kind of confidence. Look at that aura. You just answered yes without any hesitation at all. You just got yourself a future girlfriend. Well isn't that good? You don't even have to spend like 4 hours in a restaurant or coffee shop like a total idiot, just to see how many people would unexpectedly greet you. As I said, good looking people WILL AND ALWAYS be one step ahead of you.

Who wouldn't wanted to be the second guy who was good looking, and can have any girl that he wants? Just name it, gorgeous girls, cute girls, girls with brain, girls with height, girls with long legs, girls with boobs, girls with popularity or fame etc. He practically can have any kind of girl that he wants.

I'm here not to bash or say that good looking people are bad. Just to say that our society is very very ugly. and it is our society that made our world ugly. They discriminate you. They taunt you. They mock you. They curse you. They threw hurtful words at you. When your have some defects in your physical features, they would look up and down at you, as if you were an alien. Isn't that annoying in some way? Furthermore, people have a tendency to emphasis more on looks rather than pure and sincere hearts. Excuse me, but looks doesn't last forever people.

To sum up, just do your best surviving in this wretched, cruel, ugly society. The society had always been ugly, and it will always be.

October 31, 2011

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  1. abu zarin says:

    ahaha.rajin siot tulis,aku suka org banyak tulis ni lassiot.ahaha

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