Girls (Part 1)

Recently, as my social circle enlarged and as i worked my way through the circle, I've learned many things about girls. They may came from large array of types, some with pretty face, some with long legs, some with dimples, some only with plain face. Let us all not bother about only with physical features and pure looks, as it does not last forever. If you're beautiful and good looking, you should be thankful. You're blessed. There are many girls out there that are struggling with their insecurity, fighting over an inner war that they cannot always win.

Little do I know that, to win a girl's heart, was no easy task as I thought it was supposed to be. It was Herculean though. It's hard. You may won over her heart today. You may won over her beautiful pair of eyes as both of you were having a good time together. You may be her Romeo and she's your Juliet. But things like this requires patience and effort from both side to make a relationship sweet and long lasting.

In my humblest opinion, Girls, they :

1. Tend to cling to the past. Flashbacks of bittersweet memories of them with their boyfriends are frequent. Even though at the present time, or now they may have broke up with their ex for a long time, the chances of a girl would miss they ex boyfriend are high.

2. Can be quite egoistic at times. They spent too much time in feeding their ego until they reached a  point where they would collapse and fall very hard, due to their EGO.

3. They are beautiful. Delicate. Complex. Sophisticated. It took a long time to thoroughly understand a woman's heart. I think that boys, including me should be patient and spend enough time in synchronizing the chemistry. It took lots of bricks to pave the suitable road to her heart. It requires effort, devotion and sincerity. Although there are plethora of tricks out there to win over a girl's heart, but I'm sure not all girls are to be approached through the same stereotype method. Each girl out there are unique. And that differs them from the rest. They are beautiful in their own way. Such a wonder from God.

I have to admit that, me myself sometimes were having a hard time in understanding girls. Especially the one that I've fallen for. 

September 14, 2011

6 responses to Girls (Part 1)

  1. wadi afza says:

    sometimes we get too emotional for some reasons. =)

  2. damn! semat doh tulisan kau !

  3. man_2012 says:

    thanks bro. ouh ni biasa2 je lah bro. nothing fancy hehe.

  4. abu zarin says: to read,easy to understand.ahaha.shit ah kau.buat aku geli nak tegur kau.kau berfikiran dalam seperti seluar dalam

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