selamat tinggal

buat elok-elok kt U nanti. jgn lupa solat, jgn ponteng kuliah, jgn lupa makan minum.
study hard but don't overdo it. socialize with your fellow muslim brethren but never overdo it.
islam teaches us to do things in moderation.
well, i pray that u'll find your soulmate there. i hope that you'll bask in God's light and blessings.
jaga diri baik2. make your parents, family and friends proud. now we are witnessing you becoming someone. becoming somebody in the society. go forth and achieve your dreams.

ok tak guna ckp byk2. i end my typing here. farewell my friend.. i'll miss you. we all here shall miss you. assalamualaikum. :')

sincerely from me, mohd iman. selamat tinggal nami..

May 29, 2011

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