After the storm, comes the cold wind.

As a new day is dawning, my weaknesses eclipses my sunshine. I have this funny feeling that i will lose this one important piece in my chessboard. I've been zapped with lightning from heaven. I've been insane these days. I didn't think before I act. I felt like a villain that torn the world apart. I just simply don't even know how to redeem myself.  I still can't change the fact that I messed up a lot. I was given a second chance and I just blew it , BIG TIME.  Kalau duk sembang bomb n then tak tertunai kata2 yg dilafazkn, nanti org label kita cakap tak serupa bikin. So i guess i just need to act sensible from now on. a little effort goes a long way perhaps.

May 14, 2011

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