In This World.

At the world stage,
In a world where men and women are merely players. I rather remain anonymous.
In a world where plastic become a word for bitches, I rather stay calm and silence.
In a world where things are uncertain, I rather be patient cause God knows best.
In a world where humans make mistakes, I admit I'm one of them.
In a world where love exist, I admit I've been fallen once.
In a world where hate and misery exist, I admit I've tasted it countless of times.
In a world where there are feelings between humans, I've admit I've been broken and I've broke someone else's.

"Sorry" . This word did not deserve to fix all the mess that I've made. But I only could afford that word. I'm poor with words. I hope you've opened your heart for my apologies. Let those old shit be razed by time. Let time heal the scars and wounds I've inflicted to you. Let the word sincere patch up the damages that I've done to you. All the messes that I've made, I'll try to fix those by pieces. Cheers.

May 12, 2011

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