Time is precious.
Time can be wonderful.
Time can also be harsh and cruel.
Time can be short yet long,
But in reality time are indefinite and infinite.

O Lord, I badly wish that I could turn back time for just once,
To be back with my loved ones,
My late grandfather, My childhood, my memories.
O my grandfather, you are pious,
But God loved you more, I pray that God blesses you.
Memoirs of the ages past,
I hope you're last.

Dear M,
Of brilliant stars that glimmer in the night sky,
Of sun that shines gloriously on the heaven sky,
As many times as I blink,
I'll always remember that day.
The day that all the people around us were merely decorations,
The day where there are only just the two of us.
I was your king, You were my queen.

I asked you, whether you would be mine,
And you said "YES I DO".
Those three sentences rocked my world .
And I was all red. And I knew you do too.
I hold your hand in mine,
Yours were warm, mine was cold.
Your hand were just so nice to hold.

Come on baby blue,
Shake up your feelings cause I've been waiting for you.
You and Me, are the most perfect chemistry.
At first, I never thought that we could be here.
But then. We are young. So young.
You are young and so do I.
As time passes, feelings fades. People doesn't change.
The hardest part is when reality came crashing down the floor.
A part of me died. I can't even bury the fact even if I try.

Time went on since then.
We broke up.
We had the title of ex.
I survived a car crash.
I got 6A's for SPM while you aced it all.
We had some bitter fight.
Then, we hang out together , we eat together, we watch movie together, we even hold hands together.
You said that I should not be too nice with my ex.

But , I don't care about stereotype thoughts.
I don't care about what the world say about me.
I just wanna be on nice terms with you.
I just wanna be good with you.
I just wanna be friendly with you.
And yeah for now, I'm grateful that we are good friends.

April 03, 2011

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