In Your Dreams.

Sometimes, I always wondered that did I ever came across in your dreams? Pernah x aku masuk dlm mimpi kau? pernah kah atau x? Sbb kau selalu ada dlm mimpi aku. Tp kau? Mimpi kau selalu kosong. Tidur x bermimpi.  Itu kisah dulu..

As time passes, I always dreamed of one girl.
She's adorable.
She's giggles a lot  and thats cute too.
She had a pair of beautiful eyes.
She had dark hair, soft and elegant.
She's nice all around.
When I dreamed of this girl, I could subconsciously carve a smile on my face when I'm asleep.
Just can't get enough. Just want for some more.

But damn, it was only just a dream. Hanya sekadar angan2 dan mimpi semata-mata.

April 11, 2011

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