Shortly of what happened these past few days, I've been wondering of what kind of activity that i've might be interested in. My life have been somewhat broken into pieces lately. Haha melampau. I feel myself like a total loser, about not knowing anything. Ini xtau itu xtau. Susa la jugak hidup xtau pape. So, I've listed few of these.

1. Free Running.

      Ahh, free running. One of the many extreme sports that people indulge themselves in.  After watching the B13 movie, I was curious of how they pull off those awesome slick moves. As far as i know, those people seemed to have sturdy physical build and fast paced mind. A solid combination of strong physical and mental build that will ensure you wouldn't break your limbs. So, if I'm going to do this kind of activity, I really need to buff up my muscles and also my stamina. Aku dh serik dgn lemak2 kt perot aku ni. Time to burn up some calories. LETS BURN.

2. Instrumental Skills
Instruments. Something that many ordinary teens sought after for. Most of the teens that are aligned towards this kind of stuff would be soon form their own bands or touring around country doing gigs and concerts would be their biggest dreams. I saw many of my friends already skilled in playing instruments such as guitar, drums or piano. Some already have a band of their own. Good for them anyway. Wish you guys all the best in all your tours and gigs.  So, in order to fill up my free time, I may put this on my wishlist. Spending a hundred or two on an average acoustic guitar would be a good start to fill up my free time. I'm tired of living in foolishness and dumbness. HAHA.

For now, these two skill are on my wishlist now. Hope could get indulged in one of those. :)

March 05, 2011

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